Wednesday, February 23, 2011

thrifty tips begins…

I’m not going to lie. I like shoes. I like dresses. I like flowers and pretty things. I’m not a woman who doesn’t care what she looks like. I like looking nice (I write this with no makeup, hair all a frizz and sweaty work out clothes on - hahah - that's funny)…looking nice makes me feel like well, ME. But one thing is for SURE…I do NOT like to fork over the insane amounts of cash written on the tags these items have hanging from their seams.

I’m just not a full price kinda girl.
maybe you aren't either?

I’ve been sifting through a good number of blogs for a while in which they feature their
thrifty finds and every time I see the pictures of those beautiful items at amazing prices and I think… “way to go you! I wish they were MY finds!”  But these amazing ladies never teach you HOW they found them!

I’ve had a fair number of people ask me where I get an item and when they hear a thrift store or at a great clearance price they usually say: “really”? or “HOW”?

It’s not just luck…I promise.

I truly think it is like your taste buds…stick with me here. The more you work out that muscle, the more keen your tastes become until you are able to pick out certain ingredients from your food in your sleep – I guess that’s if you’re eating in your sleep. Anyway, hunting for good deals is the same. Learn how to work out the muscle –do it – and you will see results.

I’m going to give you my little tips so YOU can feel the rush of finding something beautiful and expensive at a price you will want to shout from the rooftops!

Once a week…for as long as it takes…I will post a tip. If you come to check and you’ve missed it – just click on my ‘thrifty tips’ button and they will all be archived there for your convenience.

to start off – I’m going to give you a little ‘taste’ (I had to) of what’s to come…

look at this beautiful material – nice…right?

It’s my newest love.
2011-02-21 003and the inside is filled with a delightful pattern ready to surprise you…
2011-02-21 004I paid $3.50 for this cropped wool jacket. In store this jacket costs $50-$60. Pretty great deal right?!?! 2011-02-21 002
my favorite part…it reminds me of this beauty I had my eye on at anthropologie (over $130) and I’m going to do my best to teach you HOW I found it!craftsman capelet
so there you have your appetizer…I hope you come back for more – don’t forget this week’s giveaway!
You could be my special winner and receive something handmade, beautiful and FREE! so go enter – it will just take a second.


Lindsay said...

YES!!! I'm SO EXCITED that you are doing this, Heath! I can't wait to learn everything I can from you!!

DeNiel said...

This is great!

Elizabeth J. said...

This is soooo cool. I can't wait!

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