timed and tested tutorials

Timing my tutorials and tutorials of others to help YOU feel like creating fun and beautiful things is DO-ABLE.
You don't have to sacrifice your love of creativity ...
for a busy schedule.

Squeezing it all in
(or at least squeezing something in)
Frame Face-lift with Etched Glass
Color Sorting Game
Rose Earrings by Delighted Momma
12 minute reading notebook
little man ... or little woman belt
Polka Dot Frame
Customizable His and Her's Pillows
The Reader's Wreath
Polaroid Magnets

Scalloped Paper Lantern

Felt Tan Gram Game

Lettuce Stamps

Carrot Stamps

Flower Pillow
Treasure Box Book
Pillow Form Tutorial
Spring Satin Necklace
12 minute hair bow
Cape, Power cuffs, and
Utility Belt
Satin flower
Petal Sweater
Permanent Love Note

Felt Dahlia
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