Thursday, August 18, 2011

Color Sorting Game

I have a fun little game to share with you today that I threw together before I headed off on vacation with my
little men.

One of my readers, Peas in a Pod, answered my plea for help with fun and creative ideas to help my little men with the hours of traveling planned in their future. 
She lead me HERE.
Thank you Peas in a Pod!

Here is my froggie version of Color Sorting...
I grabbed a package of jelly frogs for little hands to squish
One package of 8 tiny Tupperware cups (I only used 6)
Then I cut circles out of coordinating colored construction paper and taped it on the bottom of each cup.
Then, we sorted ...
who doesn't LOVE sweet chubby baby hands?!?!  
Until everyone was in their place.
Then for our FAVORITE part ....
we let all the frogs jump out and started all over again!


The Ash Tree Family said...

Your so very welcome! I am glad I could point you to an awesome resource! Ironically, I made a similar sorting project for my little one. I painted the bottom of some laundry soap scoops with various colors of paint for her to sort craft pom poms into! Fine motor skills + sorting! :-D (Shameless plug here -->) I just started up a new blog with crafts/homeschooling/toddler activities. Feel free to come on over! I would love for you to guest post sometime!

The Ash Tree Family said...

Oh, I just switched names! Opps! This is Peas in a Pod!

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