Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Summer

Dear Ohioan Summer, 

I've sure enjoyed you. 
Yes... you've been so unbearably hot and sticky that we couldn't always go outside to enjoy you to the fullest. 
You've also made my baby swell up like a balloon more times than I can count with your plethora of mosquito bites, but we've loved you anyway.

We've loved your beautiful sounds, brights colors, and fresh produce.
We've loved your surprise refreshing rainstorms and long nights of freedom.

We've loved our time at the lake, camping with friends among the trees, and running through the sprinklers until our bellies grumbled.
Summer, to us you are a time to celebrate new additions and strengthen bonds.

You're a time to laugh, cry, kiss fresh owies and wipe away the sweat from rough playing faces.

Your a time for dripping ice cream, hot cement and grilled everything!
But, my Dear Ohioan Summer, I'm itching for your to go.
Yes, it's true. 
I'm starting to get ready for Fall.

I don't know how I can so easily say goodbye to your forgiving schedule and afternoons spent picking fresh cucumbers and cilantro from my garden.

I'm so sorry, Summer, but I'm ready to watch the leaves turn, carve (and hopefully win) our annual pumpkin contest, and make, smell, and eat pumpkin and cinnamon flavored everything!
I'm excited to spend the afternoons teaching music with the windows open, feeling the crisp, cool breeze flow through my studio. 
I'm ready for the order and responsibility of a school schedule.

I want to bring home delicious apple cider and fall asleep to the glow of Christmas lights outside my window.

Now Summer, I've never written a letter to you (only Spring and Winter) because it's hasn't been that long since I've appreciated you, but I do now. 
Yes, I have grown to love you in all your muggy glory.

And if I stop and think for a second, 
I know I will be begging you to return sooner than I think - 
when our house is buried in snow and our noses are dripping, so in the meantime .... 

 I am going to enjoy the last couple weeks I have of you and treasure all the beauty you bring.
Thank you for bringing me joy, cultivating friendships and making memories.

You really are pretty great!
Love, ME

Have a GREAT weekend!
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