Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quiet Felt Tan Gram Tutorial

I've been walking by this overflowing bin of felt for far too long...

stuffed with piles of scraps left over from various projects that I couldn't bear to just throw away.
So I came up with my own quiet version of the familiar tan gram games like these...


do you remember these from grade school?

My little green boy loves his Nana's modern i pad version of these little games so after I got the kiddies in bed one night I sat and watched a recorded Mentalist episode while I cut my scraps into shapes.
Yes, I admit ... I love Jane.

I cut various shapes and sizes ... mostly triangles, rectangles and squares.
(I didn't include all the traditional tan gram shapes)

The cutting would also be a GREAT project to give your older kids to keep them busy this Summer!

Then print out different shapes like you can find HERE and HERE to see if they can create them.
(in 30-45 min. I was finished with all my little shapes -
your timing obviously all depends on how many you want)
Then, the next morning we made some fun playing with our new quiet game.
(using a plain white or gray piece of felt as our 'paper')
This one turned out to be green boy's favorite creation ... "a party on a boat"
Now go make some quiet fun with those little people!


April said...

we love the mentalist around here too!
these are so cute!

Carrilynn said...

What a clever idea for all those felt scraps. My grandchildren will love this idea, might even be something my daughter who teaches could use...I'll have to make sure she sees' it. Love your creations

Kristy said...

The math teacher in me loves this one!

~The Bargain Babe said...

How clever!! I like that it is a quiet version! Saw you over at not just a housewife. :)

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