Thursday, February 24, 2011

it’s the little things…

Do your days ever blur together..start to feel the same?
you wake up, work out, go to school, drive to work or take care of the kids, clean, cook, eat, sleep and do it all again?
107642094Big things (good or bad) don’t happen all the time.
We don’t always need an ambulance.
We don’t always get a raise.
We aren’t always sick or broken.
We don’t always have important reasons to celebrate.
More days keep coming.
and the little things that happen each day
are the things that easily pass us by.

They are hard to see because there are so many.
We have to choose to find them and when we do…they bring more joy and more love…they can change us.

Here are the little things I found today that made the corners of my mouth defy gravity…

- waking up to see my purple bulb begin to flower
- being pushed aside by broken boy because he wanted to do something ‘all by himself’
- the smell of cinnamon rolls filling my kitchen (Pillsbury doughboy, you are saving me tonight)
- Mr.Wilson calling me in the middle of the day to say hello … knowing I was teaching and wouldn’t be able to answer
- watching my students excel
- the smile from a stranger while she handed me a shopping cart
- eating delicious warm soup that I didn’t make (thank you!)
- holding my sleeping blue boy

now these are just a few, but I made a conscious decision to find these today…to not let myself be caught up In other thoughts that would mask these small but wonderful things from my view. 

Let’s all begin a scavenger hunt for our little wonders, our little miracles, our little things…and let them change us.

one more day to enter the giveaway…more to come

1 comment:

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

what a beautiful post! I couldn't agree more--life is all about the little things :) thanks for making me smile!

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