Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today was the day.....

Today was the day I was born.
And all I can think about today is my angel Mother.
She sacrificed to physically bring me to the Earth on this day so many years ago.
Now that I'm a Mother myself, I know what that really means.

I've seen and experienced many miracles and blessings so far in my life.
I've accomplished many great things...and will strive to accomplish many more.
I've experienced and continue to experience joy and love in my life.

All those beautiful things and so much more are mine not only because I have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior who watch over me, but also because my angel Mother sacrificed for me today.

Thanks, Momsi.


Dan and LaVon said...

We are grateful for her also..cause now we have you in our lives! Happy Birthday!!!

Jessica Jo said...

I like your freckles. Did you Momsi give you those too? If so then it was totally worth it for her, I can tell you that. Even without how wonderful you are and how great of an everything you are, those freckles make the world a more awesome place. Totally make up for any faults of yours, if you have any.

DeNiel said...

It was totally worth it! I love you!

Diedra said...

wow! I cannot believe how much you look like your mom in that picture! You make me lonesome for those bygone days of little girls and fun times... happy birthday!

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