Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas "little things" of 2011

 - Sleeping (I should call it a lack of actual sleeping) under the Christmas Tree with little ones.....a new Wilson tradition
- The smell of homemade gingerbread baking in the oven
- Skype ... the only way I can give Christmas and Holiday kisses to my sister and her family
- a clean, flannel pillowcase
- giving of ourselves 
- watching little boys try to sneak pieces of that homemade gingerbread off our gingerbread house 
- Christmas on Sunday
- having little boys who actually like my homemade gifts
- pumpkin pie with cinnamon roll crust
- Making lots of time to spread Christmas joy and teach my boys about showing love, kindness and appreciation to others in our community during Christmastime....and all the time.
- these little people...
they are pretty stinkin' special and I couldn't be more grateful that these miracles are mine.
- and last, but not least....this man.
For trying extra hard this year to physically display his excitement for my benefit.
For finishing a beautiful craft room as part of my Christmas.
For having another Christmas where we buy each other the same gift.
For being my best friend and the best part of my Christmas.

What are YOUR Christmas "little things" of 2011?

1 comment:

DeNiel said...

Being close to your family is very special all year, not just at Christmas!
Happy Birthday!

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