Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happiness Part II

Are you waiting for true happiness to find you?
Sometimes I find myself in that pattern of thinking.
In those moments, I have to snap myself out of it and cultivate happiness.

Society teaches us that happiness comes from being rich and beautiful, living an easy and stress-free life, being famous, receiving praise from others, having the perfect body and working our dream job. But I know that while these things might bring temporary happiness, they won't bring lasting happiness.

Today I'm going to start going through the questions I posed HERE and some of the ways we can cultivate lasting happiness for ourselves.

1. Does your current lifestyle make you truly happy?

Are you including activities or choices in your daily life that bring feelings of stress, pain or guilt?
If so, get rid of them.
Yes, some levels of stress and pain are a part of life's ups and downs, but you can rid your life of the unnecessary amounts.

Next, make a list of the activities you really love to do.
I mean those things that make you feel ALIVE...
the things that make you feel most like YOU.

Go ahead and do it right now.
I can wait a second.
 Then, brainstorm ways you can include these activities in your daily life. I know life is crazy busy, but there is DEFINITELY time to do what you feel you were born to, it will make you terribly happy!
You can't say "NO" that!

That might mean you have to go to bed earlier and set your alarm an hour earlier, or take a shorter lunch break. You can set one day aside a week to leave the dishes in the sink and the dirt on the floor to do what makes you feel alive.

You will thank your happy little self later... I'm sure your family will too.

And if you have children, that might mean you will have to brainstorm ways you can include your children in your favorite activities. This will help you feel you haven't lost any part of yourself in your role as a parent.

This is my first step in cultivating true and lasting happiness...I'll see you tomorrow for more.

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