Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happiness Part I

Have YOU made any New Years resolutions? 
I've come to find that I'm not really into making New Years resolutions. 
I don't think anyone is wrong for making them, New Years resolutions are positive little beauties...
they just aren't for me.
Why? Well, here's why...

To me, resolutions are just goals with a fancy name...goals that seem to dissipate within the first few months of the year. They are goals I have or should be accomplishing throughout the whole year.

I don't always achieve the steps with perfection that lead to accomplishing those goals everyday, but I try.
Making healthy changes, bettering ourselves is ALWAYS something we should strive to do....everyday of the year. And the best part is, if I have a bad day - the slate is wiped clean the next morning and I can start again.

While we all have a long list of varied goals we want to pursue, I have found that there is usually an underlying theme to all those pursuits: 
To find more joy, more happiness and therefore...a better life.
There are a million things we can do to find more DAILY happiness, but I'm going to share a few with you this week that have been on my mind.

I think the first step to finding true happiness involves taking a good look at ourselves and the lives we are living right now.

Asking specific questions, like some of the examples I have below, will help us all asses some of the factors that might be contributing to our overall happiness or unhappiness:
(grab a piece of paper and write down your initial thoughts to each of these questions)

1. Does your current lifestyle make you TRULY happy?
2. Is your overall daily attitude one that promotes happiness?
3. Do your thoughts make you happy?

4. Do you speak (whether aloud or silently) positive thoughts or negative thoughts?
5. Have you brought others into your life that build you up or tear you down?
6. What have you have left undone out of fear or it's level of difficulty?
7. Are YOU striving to build up ALL others you come in contact with?

I know that if we face some of the answers to these questions head on we can find some REAL solutions to making our lives the BEST they can be.

Tomorrow I am going to start sharing some of the specific things I will be doing DAILY to invite more happiness and enjoy the journey to creating a better life and a better me.

I hope you join me.

1 comment:

Jessica Jo said...

I'll admit it: I'm in a slump. I can't wait to see what you have to offer us tomorrow.

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