Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happiness Part III

Today's question today is the hardest for me.

2.  Is your overall daily attitude one that promotes happiness?
Let's be honest here...
Nobody is happy all the time even if some of us seem like we are on the outside.

I've decided that we all have our own basic level of a happiness baseline. And some of us have a higher happiness baseline than others. No matter what happens to us...good or time, we all return to our baselines.

So the real question is - can we raise our happiness baseline?
I believe we can.
It's all about choice.

It's so easy to let the things that go wrong in our lives affect our attitude and daily outlook on life, but we can choose to let go. We can choose to move on and we can choose to remain unaffected. It's hard...I will admit that I need a lot of practice here!

Here are some things I will be doing to practice:
- Take action...when feeling down, only YOU can make it better so make it better!
- Live in the moment and enjoy every one
-Avoid people that make you feel negative or unhappy
- Devote more time to family and friends
- Appreciate the people around you...and TELL them
- Count your blessings...each and every one
(that's what my "little things" search is all about)

I want to challenge you to practice these today....right now and let's see how it changes our day.

1 comment:

Anna said...

I like the happiness baseline idea! Going to have to think about that one. :)

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