Tuesday, October 11, 2011

plans put on hold for now....

I'm holding a little boy who just can't stop crying. 
I can't figure out what is wrong but we've been sitting here for over an hour now and I've tried everything.
Along with lots of other plans for today, I planned on finishing a little bit of THIS 
 from A Beautiful Mess ...

and a little bit of THIS from Miss Martha.
But everything must be put on hold today. 
My priority is to help dry the crocodile tears streaming down these chubby cheeks.
Have a great Tuesday you guys! 
I'll be enjoying snuggles....even if they are sad snuggles.


Jessica Jo said...

I hate those tears too, but they are better at least during the day. In the middle of the night, man, what to do?

Sock Babies?! I just made a couple of Roaring '20's Sock monkeys. Maybe the story my Swap partner set up with them will help your little guy. Not to toot my own horn, but I love them!

Jessica Jo said...

link, my bad.

Heather said...

sooooo cute Jessica....LOVED the 20s theme! Thanks - so glad you shared!

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