Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sick day "little things"

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day....
I think that might be a slight understatement, but it will work.

By 9:45 am I had already been up for a while and found myself half dressed for a workout that never happened with an Afro for a hairdo and no makeup attached to blue boy while he sobbed hysterically - and had already been doing so  for 2 hours straight. 

Then, I couldn't help it anymore and I started sobbing too. 
Just as we found ourselves in a tear-stained puddle on the floor the phone rang. 
It was the nurse from the doctors office telling me they had a cancellation.
I had only 12 minutes to get there to make the appointment, but I said I would take it and ran/hobbled quickly - looking just as I did (but now with red swollen eyes) - with my 37lb. blue boy still attached to my chest and my green boy running behind me closing all the doors I left open in my rush.

In the midst of this lovely start to a crazy day,
I began composing my "little things" list:

1. Cute headbands that tackle flyaways
2. A happy and helpful little green boy
3. Strangers holding elevators for you
4. Sick blue boy not flinching or crying AT ALL when the nurse taking his blood poked incessantly because she couldn't find a vein in his chubby arm
5. Teaching students who make me smile and laugh
6. Hearing "hungry" from my sick boy who wouldn't eat or talk all day
7. Chicken and Spinach pizza for dinner 
8. Snoring babies
9. Sinking into the couch with a cup of apple cider

What treasures have YOU been finding lately?
Don't forget to savor the happy "little things" in life...don't let them pass you by!

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