Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Fall! ... the Corn Festival

As you all are now aware, after my letter to Summer, I am a BIG lover of fall! 
Part of Welcoming Fall in my area is celebrating at the Corn Festival! 
It's a quaint little festival full of tractors and tractor pulls, barn animals, hand dipped corn dogs, funnel cakes, antiques, face painting, fresh kettle corn, balloon animals, and well....I think you get the idea.
They have everything our little boys LOVE and I get a good dose of beautiful antiques, fresh fall air, and that kettle corn...well, it's a weakness of mine.
Here are a few beautiful sights I caught while I hobbled around with my crutches....yes, it was quite the sight.

Fun barrel train ride for the littlies...
And the most beautiful sights of all...
my blue boy
nephew #1
my green boy
nephew #2
nephew #3
What are YOU doing to welcome FALL?


Joanna said...

Hey Where's a picture of sister #1? JK:) Cute pics!

DeNiel said...

Joanna's comment made me laugh. It was a fun night.

Heather said...

haha! Your so funny Jo! Dad didn't send me his pictures so those were all I had. I can't wait to see the one of you and me in the balloon hat! Should be so funny!

Little Off North said...

I heart fall activites....Geoff and I have a tradition of hitting up one of the local corn mazes!

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