Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's "little things"

A couple treasures I found today:

1. My favorite song coming on the radio....turning up the volume....singing at the top of my lungs....and remembering EVERY word.

2. The stranger who helped me pick up my parking ticket right before the wind blew really hard.

3. Watching green boy's eyes light up with excitement as he experienced cotton candy for the first time today. 
Then, upon his first bite telling me it felt like carpet....
 4. Finding just what I was looking for at the thrift store.

5. Blue Boy's curls deciding to turn out like this today...and everyone who saw him, telling me how gorgeous they are.
 6. Finishing signing my name 255 times on my letters for my service project for the women at Good Samaritan Hospital in the Special Care and Obstetrics Unit
You can read more about it HERE.
(I will be needing your help soon!!!)
Keep opening your eyes and searching for YOUR "little things" this weekend!
You will feel the difference.
We would LOVE to hear from you...
no matter how long or short your list may be...
we want you to share your treasures with us!!

Send your list to

Remember: The Mustard Felt Rose Necklace giveaway ends on Monday so don't forget to enter!


Dominoe said...

His curls really are perfect! As is your signature - so pretty! You should make it a font. :)

Heather said...

No one has EVER complimented me on my signature....thank you! I've always hated writing my name. (some weird random thing about me.) I guess 255 times is good practice! :)

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