Monday, August 29, 2011

Special Care Service Project

Today I'm SOOO excited to FINALLY tell you about my newest project! 
I've talked a little about my motivation for the project HERE and spoke a little cryptically HERE and HERE about my service project in the works...
but I couldn't give you the full rundown because I hadn't received approval yet.
But I have NOW!!!
And I can't tell you how EXCITED I am!!
I've been dreaming about this for a long time and I feel like I'm finally getting the right people on board and making it all come together. 

I hope you can all jump on board with me too because I know I can't do this alone!

"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success."  ~Author Unknown

"No one can whistle a symphony.  It takes a whole orchestra to play it."  ~H.E. Luccock

Here are the details:
The Special Care and Obstetrics Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital specializes in caring for women with high-risk pregnancies who require additional care and may need to spend extra time or even live in the hospital. 

Depending on the circumstances, expecting mothers can be admitted into Special Care Obstetrics anywhere between six weeks and full term, making a typical stay range from hours to weeks. 
There is a long list of complications that could bring you into this unit - you can find them HERE.

This unit is a place I once called home. The doctors and nurses here saved my baby's life and I will forever be grateful! 
This is the one and only picture that was taken while I lived there. 
Since I have been one of their patients, I have experienced some of the same struggles their current patients are experiencing.
I know they are often forgotten in their struggles and grief…I felt the same and I want to change that. 
I want the patients to feel heard, understood and loved by someone who has been confined to the same bed and knows first hand the war that must be fought to save a life. 
I want to provide hope, motivation and encouragement to them in any way I can. 

I will be holding donation drives for books, puzzles, cards and envelopes, games, craft kits, etc. Anything and everything that these confined women can do to keep them busy, keep them learning and involved with their hobbies, families and other children. I will be organizing it all in a room that is easily accessible to the nurses to help serve the women.

·         I will put together a gift bag for each of the women who are required to stay for longer periods of time.
I would like them to receive a gift bag containing items that I treasured while I was battling for my baby’s life. 

They would include inexpensive items, but items that I know would be treasured....A shower loofa, body wash, manicure set, nail polish, ear plugs, eye mask, lip gloss, notebook and pen.
Each of the long-term patients as well as the short-term patients will also receive a card introducing them to a new way of seeing their world at this difficult time…a practice that was introduced to me when I was in the same situation. 
The same "little things" way of seeing the world that I have introduced to you HERE and a lot of you have shared with us HERE.

I'm SO excited to hit the ground running with this project ... I'm now on to planning book drives, fund-raising opportunities and possibly selling handmade items to benefit the cause.
I will be keeping you all updated ... I would LOVE to have you help out in any way you can! 
You will be blessing the lives of some REALLY special women!

you can contact me here: 
(please excuse all the weird font issues....not sure what's going on today!)


Lindsay said...

LOVE IT!! I'm SO proud of you for doing this! You truly are doing an amazing thing here. I wl put a box together for you, Heath. I want to help out in any way!

DeNiel said...

You know that I am on board with your project. btw -- that is one of my favorite pictures. (I don't usually like my picture.) This one I love!

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