Saturday, August 27, 2011

I made it + surgical "little things"

Yesterday morning I found myself, a nervous wreck, in a hospital gown and blue bonnet waiting for the anesthesiologist to put my 'no worries' medicine into my IV. 

I don't remember anything after the nurses began pushing my bed around the corner. 
After that, it was all over...I was out! 

I awoke to an upset stomach and a very large and swollen knee wrapped in bandages. The pain was intense so we worked on managing that and then I got to go home. 
The next few days will be tough, but I've got my pain pills with me at all times.

I'll be working on a few project while my movement is minimal and will be sharing them with you soon!

I hope you are having a really GREAT weekend....
I want to leave you with a couple 'little things' I have been cherishing the last 48 hours.

- the hot pink zinnias Mr.Wilson and my handsome green boy picked for me from my garden to enjoy at my bedside.
- fresh peaches and vanilla bean ice cream from my Popsicle

- yummy dinner from a sister

- thoughtful phone calls and emails

- kisses from my blue boy and green boy
 - waking up from anesthesia to Mr.Wilson's blue eyes

- helpful hands

- My Momsi's good care for me and my handsome little men

- a really great doctor I can trust

Finish up your weekend by searching and treasuring the moments of sunshine in your life.
See you on Monday!!!


Christina said...

Glad the surgery went well, now lay back, relax, and concentrate on healing quickly!

Lindsay said...

glad your ok! I texted you, talked to mom, and have been thinking about you A LOT!! Wishing I could be another helping you SO much!

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