Friday, August 5, 2011

Guest Post: DIY kinda girl

Hi there folks, I'm glad to be here! 
I'm a Heather too.  :) 
I stumbled across Heather's blog not so long ago, and was happy to see a familiar face! 
Heather and I lived in the same dorms our freshman year of college (go Cougs!) fact, just for fun:
Heather, my roommate Sharlyn and me over ten years ago
Aww, aren't we cute as freshman?!  Betcha didn't know I had that picture, eh Heather?  :)
ANYway, I make my home over at diy kinda girl, where I chronicle all my projects
(which I have lined up one after the other, enough to last 'til the day I die, it seems)
I love the process of designing, planning and all around figuring out how to do something myself.
 As a result, I have far too many hobbies,
from papercrafting to crochet to jewelry making to sewing to making accessories to home decor to digiscrapping.....(In fact, I love digiscrapping so much, I just started a series on How To Get Started with Digital Scrapbooking.)
I'm also an avid reader, and do weekly (most of the time) book reviews on what I'm reading at the moment.

But most of all, I'm absorbed by my house! 
We just bought our first home in February, and most of my DIY projects of late have been devoted to that. 
My first project was stripping down every kitchen cabinet and restaining them, plus adding hardware and decorative molding.
More recently, I painted 7 very large laminate bookshelves.
Today, I have an easy peasy way to update an old plain pair of shoes.
So I had this pair of black ballet flats that were years old.  And I kinda hated them. But they are a sturdier model of the usually flimsy ballet flat.  Useful for skirts in the winter.
So I did a little surgery.  Clipped off the bow I hated, and glued snaps on the toes with E-6000 (best adhesive EVER). 
Why snaps on the toes? 
So I could make toe clips that didn't have to clip onto the shoe and bother my toes!
Anyway, so my shoes have been sitting there with snaps glued to the toes for months. 
Finally, today, I took ten minutes to make a little something to cover the snaps so I can wear them again!
I cut three different sized circles out per shoe, two of black lace, one of grey satin.
Singed the edges until the curled
(I use a little tea light rather than my me two hands to control the singing, since singing can often turn into burning!),
glued the three layers together, added a flower shaped button, glued it to the other side of the snaps, and popped them onto my shoe.  
And the best part: since they attach with snaps, I can make as many as I want.
(Though it may take another few months before I get around to it...)
Thanks for letting me come hang out, Heather!  And if you folks ever want to com visit me at diy kinda girl, I'd love to have you!
Hahaha! How funny is THAT picture?!?!
Thanks, Heather, for your tutorial.
Go on and visit her over at diy kinda girl and show her some love!


Sharlyn said...

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on Heather's link on DIY Kinda girl and saw a picture of me in the post! :) It's good to see you Heather (squeezing it all in Heather), you have a cute blog!

DeNiel said...

Very clever.I love that you can change the embellishment for different outfits.

du fil aux fées said...

i love very beautiful!!!!

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