Friday, June 3, 2011

"little things" by Stacy

Welcome to the end of the week my beautiful friends!
That's YOUR cue to smile and blush a little.

This week really zoomed by over here ... how about YOU?
I'm so excited today because I get to introduce you to Stacy from Not JUST a Housewife
She is surrounded by lots of men in her home ... four little boys and a really great husband
(she will tell us a little about him soon)
She isn't only amazingly talented, handy with her tools, innovative and creative, she is also gorgeous!
See ...
She has some wonderful projects on her blog that I'm SURE you will fall in love with and want to do yourself.
The best part is : Stacy makes it feel completely do-able.

Here are a couple of my favorites:
Scrap Wood Lamp
DIY side table
Desk re-do

I'm so glad she was willing to share her little treasures with us today.
I KNOW they will make you smile!
Enough talking from me ... here she is:

"The older I get and the older my kids get (and the more kids I have!), the busier I get. In some ways it is a good thing. But in a lot of ways it is bad. I find I have less time to focus on the little important things. I am always trying to get here or there ( on time none the less) and sometimes the special moments pass me by. I think you do have to work at it. You choose to take the time to savor the tiny gifts that come unexpectedly.

1. My nine year old gave me a hug and told me I was the best mom. I could have said thanks and kept working on what I was doing but I chose to continue the conversation and we ended up talking about favorite family memories.

2. Sleeping in until 8:30! My kids (all four) unexpectedly slept in this morning. That NEVER EVER happens. Normally it is 6:30. Two hours of extra sleep is GOLD. It probably shouldn't even be on the "little" things list.

3. Seeing my boys dance and sing to music on the radio. They totally jam and it almost makes being in the car doing errands worth it.

5. My baby called the cows "dogs" today when we visited the farm. We were trying to do family pictures and he never looked at the camera. But it was fine cause we all cracked up every time he motioned for the cows to come over and yelled "Dog!".

6. I sucked as a mom today. Getting ready for family pictures makes me a crazy person. But my kids stilled hugged me today. My kids still smiled at me today. My kids still love me. Kids are so forgiving. They are such great examples.

7. I just realized I was on #7 and I think we are only suppose to do 5. Well, I am on a roll so I am still going to add this one. (Maybe I will get extra credit) I yelled at my husband when he told me on the phone that he didn't go to get his hair cut today for family pictures. Like, ape crazy. When I picked him up from work so we could go do pictures he smiled and told me how nice I looked. He never brought up the "incident". Love that :)"

See ... what did I tell you?!?!
You want to read more of her wonderfulness ... don't you?
Click HERE to find her ... I'm sure she will be so glad to have you!

I love when she said ...

"I think you do have to work at it.
You have to choose to take the time to savor the tiny gifts that come unexpectedly"

I couldn't have said it better.
Go find YOUR treasures today!
We would love to have you share them with us!
I promise writing them down will help you savor them!

send me yours ... whether you have one or one hundred.

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