Friday, June 3, 2011

"little things" by me ...

You know that squeezing it all in is a place where I want you to not only find good eats, good ideas and tips on squeezing things you love into your busy schedules, but I want you to also find beauty, inspiration and happiness.
I want you to feel heard, motivated, and uplifted.

The last thing I want is for you to come here and feel like I'm always bubbling over with smiles and my life is always full of good times and rainbows.
My life has plenty of those, but it's not always FULL of them.
I know that life is all about never losing sight of those rainbows while making our way through the darkness.

We aren't expected to be perfectly happy all the time, but we need to give it our best shot.
We have to CHOOSE.

That is when the "little things" search started ...
during a time when I stopped choosing to see the good or the happiness.
Treasuring up life's "little things" is vital in making it through those tough days, but it also makes those good days even brighter.

My days have felt a little cloudy in my neck of the woods lately due to my bummed out knee.
It's been a little harder than normal for me to find my "little things" treasures. So, the past few days I've been looking at pictures from my recent trip to California.
 I took lots of pictures of the "little things" I was savoring in the moment ... so I wouldn't forget.
I really want to share them with you today ...

1.  Finding treasures on the beach for my green boy...who has never seen a real beach.
2.  Knowing the excitement and wonder it would bring him.
(that's a crab leg)
3.  The smell of saltwater and fresh sourdough bread in the air ...
4.  the taste of warm sourdough bead on the pier... there is nothing quite like it!
5.   Having a chance to share my cherished childhood memories with Mr. Wilson ...
6.   and seeing him enjoy them right along with me.
7.  spending cherished time with LOTS of my family members ...
8.  Special time alone with my Grandpa who is very ill to talk about his life story and experiences ...and especially to have him allow me to document them so I can share them with others.
(I sure love that face, wispy hair, and almost inaudible chuckle.)
9.  Grandma's roses that are the size of my face ...
10.  and the rest of her gorgeous and peaceful garden ... 
11. and all the memories it holds.

12.  of course, getting a chance to spend some fun time away with Mr. Wilson sans miracle boys
13.  (with an amazing babysitter back at home!)

These are the things I've been treasuring the last couple days.
14.  Oh, along with that little bit of cheese that oozed out of my egg white omelet this morning and cooked to a crunchy yet gooey perfection ... it was the BEST bite. I treasured that one too!

Go on, and treasure yourself up some gooey goodness.
Choose to give happiness your best shot and you will catch yourself savoring every moment of your day!

Let us know about it and we can inspire each other to keep searching!

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Lindsay said...

I absolutely LOVED this post, Heath! I've been looking at my pics from Cali too. We made some amazing memories..

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