Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Joy...

I've got a 'to-do' list that emulates the 5 inch wide Children's Dictionary sitting on my green boy's lap.

There is so much to do and even more to catch up on.
And I can't seem to keep up.

I decided to start whittling away my Christmas 'to-do' list months and months ago so that I could enjoy the season and not be scrambling around to keep up with the disappearing days of December.

Unfortunately, I'm still feeling increasingly uneasy with each day marked off the advent calendar.

A few days ago, I was running around the house desperately trying to get some things checked off my list when my little blue boy fell apart at the seams. In reality, the ugly meltdown only looked like a great big road block to accomplishing my goals for the day.

Then, with his head buried in the tear soaked carpet, he pointed his chubby finger into the carpet fibers and said "Mommy, here".

I knew in that moment, what he really wanted.
So....I put down my armfuls of cleaning supplies and sat down next to him.
He didn't look up, but I put my hand on his back and just sat with him.
Somehow that was enough.

In that moment, I felt a peace and calm wash over me.
I realized that in-spite of my endless daily lists and constant plans, what was most important was to let go of the schedule and just be. To feel peace and comfort in the moment together.

Those feelings are what this season is really about.
We should be feeling peace and comfort as we approach the day we celebrate the coming of our Savior to this Earth to atone and sacrifice His life for each of us.

In that exact spirit, we have started some new traditions for this little Wilson family. We have begun a seasonal project to shine the light of Christ....the light of love, appreciation, and service into the lives of those among us.

We have started with small things such as these:

- drawing a picture, writing a note of thanks, and leaving homemade cookies for the garbage man
(he LOVED that....and wrote back!)

- carrying candy canes and baggies of cookies with notes of thanks in our bag and giving them to those who serve us and often go unnoticed.
i.e. the gas station attendant, the janitor who cleans the bathroom stalls, the fun ladies at the gym who play with the boys while I work out, the man who fills my up water bottle during spin class, the disabled boy who bags my groceries, the parking garage attendant....etc.

The list goes on and on!

- cooking dinner for a new Mom or just a busy Mom, like myself, who would appreciate a little break.

- buying a couple balloons and handing them to someone who looks like they might need a smile.

- Bringing a plate of cookies and a note of thanks to the firestation

- tape a few quarters on the vending machine or soda machine with a note 

- hold the door for someone

It has been such a joy to serve those around small and simple ways.
It has been an even greater joy to watch my little boys learn about thinking of others, serving others, and loving others...Just as their Savior, Jesus Christ would do.

 Even though we are ALL overloaded with constant lists of things to accomplish....there is a more important reason for the season.
Go spread some Christmas Joy...


DeNiel said...

I love these pics of the boys

mimihalley said...

It kills me when I feel like I have to get things done like emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry and Jill is begging me to play with her. And then I think about the fact that she won't need me to play with her some day.

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