Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"little things" for Thanksgiving Part II

How are YOU doing with your challenge?
If you didn't see the challenge....look HERE.
Don't worry, you can start today.
The "little things" I am grateful for today...well, and everyday:
-bright, green grass
-egg white omelet with sweet red peppers and spinach
-the color mustard yellow
-a stove and an oven
-a knee, newly operated upon, that can attack a spin bike again
-a tall glass of cold water
-a handwritten letter in the mail
-finishing a project
-finding a hot-wheel race car in the bottom of my date night purse
-a spontaneous night with a friend, being spit upon by Elphaba and Galinda (because we we were in the 7th row center)
-being married for all eternity to my best friend
Go on and take the challenge... write today's list right now.
Just take a minute to acknowledge the "little things" (and big things) in your life that make it beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving preparation day!

1 comment:

DeNiel said...

#1. I am grateful for loved ones that encourage me to do great things.
#2. The sun is shining today.
#3. A note in the mail from my wonderful mother.
#4. A knee that does not hurt.
#5. Children smiling.

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