Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"little things" for Thanksgiving Part I

With Thanksgiving coming in just a few days....I've decided to share with you a couple of my "little things" lists of gratitude.
I hope you have been making yours!
Here's the "little things" I'm grateful for today:

good dreams
warm chubby cheeks
chocolate milk
clean carpets
flannel pillowcases
warm shower water
words of appreciation from Mr.Wilson
opportunities to serve
creating music
hot apple cider
hearing one of my best friends voice on the answering machine

I'll be sharing a list with you everyday from now through Thanksgiving day.
I want to challenge you to make a list everyday with me!
It will only take you a minute, but it will help brighten your days.

Take the challenge and I promise you will feel more focused and grateful on our upcoming day of Thanks.
Tuning your eyes and ears to noticing all the beautiful "little things" that make your life marvelous will help you savor YOUR Thanksgiving this year!

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