Monday, September 5, 2011

"little things" by my stitched up knee

I have been spending most of my time lately in my little corner of the couch ... surrounded by needles, fabric and thread.
I've been desperately trying to be patient with myself while I heal. 
Not one of my strengths. 
Now that managing the post surgical pain has gotten easier, taking it easy has gotten harder. 

Here are the "Little things" by my stitched up knee:
1. Watching the hummingbird from my window sip nectar from my flowers
2. The constant love, support, and help from others
3. The smell of my new apple cinnamon candle burning
4. Snuggles, Loves, Hugs and Encouragement from all the men in my house

5. Figuring out how to sleep on my side without being in excruciating pain
6. The nice cool breeze from the open window

What "little things" have YOU been treasuring lately?
Don't let your busy life mask the little joys that can change your perspective.

I would LOVE to feature YOUR "little things" list here on squeezing it all in so keep your eyes open and then let us know what treasures you find!

email me YOUR "little things" list and how actively searching for them and choosing to savor them changed your attitude!
Let's inspire each other to live a more joyful life!

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