Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School Sweater

Growing up, it was always tradition for my Momsi to take me and my sisters shopping for some special clothes for our new year of school. 
When our Popsicle came home at night, we would have ourselves some fashion show fun.
That's just what happens in a house full of girls!

Eventhough I don't attend school anymore, I decided to make myself a little something new. 
This would be so cute on a cardigan for your little girly too!

My Back to School Sweater
What you need:
 a sweater or cardigan
(mine was a $9 Target clearance cardi)
a tapestry needle
(match up the fabric of your sweater with the type of yarn you use so it will wash up well. 
My sweater was a cotton blend so my yarn was a cotton blend as well.)
 First, you will need a tiny piece of tape (just big enough to fit in the hole of your needle) to put on the end of a long piece of yarn.
Fold it over like this:

 Now you will be able to get your yarn through your tapestry needle soooo much easier!
Make sure you cut off the tape when you done threading the needle or you won't be able to pull it through the weave of the sweater.
 We are going to make a lazy daisy stitch. Make a knot at the end of your long piece of yarn and pull through the sweater making sure the knot is on the underside of your sweater.

Then, you want to go right back in the sweater next to the place you just pulled the yarn out of.

Don't pull the yarn all the way back through, instead leave a loop like this....the size of your loop will depend on the size you want your petal to be.
You are going to pull the yarn back through the end of the loop...
and go right back through the sweater on the other side of the loop, wrapping it around the loop of yarn.
Then pull, but be careful not to pull too tightly though...
you don't want to ruin the weave of the sweater, just add to it.
Keep going until you have yourself a little flower. 
Then add one small stitch in the middle for the center of the flower.
 I added flowers of all sorts of sizes and shapes to add variety.

The smallest of flowers was very simple, just a few small stitches.
First, come up through the sweater and eyeball how big or small you want the petals. 
Then pull the yarn back through.
Repeat as many times as you want petals.
There we go. I did a variety of 4 and 5 petal flowers all around the neckline.
Now I have a fun new sweater to welcome my students to learn.

So, whether you make a fun new sweater for yourself or you alter it for one of your littlies ...enjoy a fresh start to welcoming more learning and growth.
I'll be working on a new design and an alteration for all the littlest girlies out there.


DeNiel said...

This sweater is so cute!

Kristy said...

Heather I am loving this sweater. Reminds me of a jumper I made back in the early 80's. All around above the hemline I embroidered white angora flowers...the jumper was like a sturdy velvet. I loved that jumper. Wondering where it is now?

Alissa said...

I love your post and your sweater. The photos are so great! Maybe I should do these sweaters for my girls...or is it too hard???

Lindsay said...

So cute, Heath!!

Maritza said...

Thanks a lot for your sharing your talent and your tutorial!!! is fantastic.


This is amazing! Love it..thanks for the tutorial :)

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