Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"little things" I never knew

I never knew how my life would change when I became a Mother.
I never knew the worry or the sleepless nights.
I never knew the self sacrifice and self-less attitude required.
I never knew the weight of responsibility I know now.

But, even knowing everything I know now
(and with so much more to learn!)...
I wouldn't DREAM of changing anything!

Some of my newest readers may not know that I have a condition which prevents me from being able to carry babies in my belly safely to a viable term ... I have learned that my belly is a very volatile place to be.

All the fear, grief, sorrow, pain and emotional mess that accompanies this complication is part of who I am ...

but I have learned so much from all that has come from those scary experiences and have been given two amazing and incredibly handsome miracle boys that bless my every moment ...
and ten other nieces and nephews who put the cherries on top of those moments.

I wish I could have told my younger self to get ready because there was going to be lots of tough times,
but out of those tough times would come 2 little men that would light up my life forever and 10 gorgeous little people who would help those little men change me for the better.

The top of my "little things" list today is ...
being able to fill up on some time with all of those beautiful little people this summer!

If you had the chance, what would YOU tell your younger self?
Whats on the top of YOUR "little things" list today?

Put your answers in the comments ... I would LOVE to hear what you have to say!


DeNiel said...

I would tell my younger self, "Stay calm and carry on." Keep pressing forward because it is better than you can even imagine!

Alissa said...

LOVE the photos of all our kiddos! Thanks for being such a great influence on my children. Who knows what a difference an awesome auntie can make???

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

I saw Ben affleck being interviewed on Ellen and she asked him if he could go back and tell his younger self something what would it be. He answered that he wouldn't say anything, afraid that it might change something and he might not end up exactly where he is now.
As many mistakes as I have made I would have to agree that any warnings or advice I would go back and tell my younger self might change the road I took and, like you, I wouldn't change where I am at now for anything!!
But I agree with your mom- I could have never imagined how good things actually are even in the midst of it all :)

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