Monday, July 11, 2011


Happy Monday!
How was YOUR weekend?
Mine was really great ... whats better than a nice weekend with my three men?

Have you thought about the change for CHANGE project over the weekend? 
I have.
I made it ridiculously easy for you to team up with me and take part in the project!!!

There is a paypal button right over here ---------------->

you can click that little button and use your paypal account or any type of credit card to add just $1 ... or any amount you like ... to my little 'jar'.

One inner city high school student is going to make a change for the better with that $1!
We can make a BIG difference by doing little things!

See you later for another tutorial!

1 comment:

Jessica Jo said...

I emailed you saying I would donate and then I NEVER DID! I am horrible. But I did now so don't be mad at me, K?! ;)

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