Tuesday, May 31, 2011

little things by Mary...

I'm back from a really great weekend playing at the lake, roasting marshmallows and snuggling in a hot tent at naptime.

I wanted to start our week off with a "little things" list from one of my readers.
Her name is Mary.
She is a great Mama of three little girls and runs a blog called Making Family Life Fun.
She has really great organizing and cleaning tips...I wish I could get her to use them on my bathtub after washing 4 days of camping off my little men.

Here is what she has to share with us...

"The little things that make me happy ...

Picking up the phone to call a friend, and the friend calls before I dial.

Getting back from the kitchen with my snack just before my show starts again.

Waking up before my kids!

Having the dishes done before dinner starts.

The perfect root beer float."

Don't stop opening your eyes to the "little things" in YOUR life...
if you choose to treasure them, you will find so much more joy!
Share your list with us...squeezingitallin@gmail.com

See you lovelies later this week for more tutorials, "little things" lists, and a GIVEAWAY!!!


sweetasnzgirl said...

You HAVE to check out 1000awesomethings.com

It's all about the LITTLE things and every time I read it, I smile.

Rach x

Elizabeth J. said...

Mary is pretty awesome, I am glad that she shared her little things with you. These posts definitely make me recognize the small things in my life that make a big difference.

Mary said...

Thanks for doing this! How fun!

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