Wednesday, May 18, 2011

little things by Celeste...

Today I feel privileged to share with you a "little things" list from another amazing woman!

Today our "little things" treasures comes from Celeste.
Her Husband describes her best when he said...

You absolutely amaze me with your strength. You truly are my superhero. You are the bravest woman I have ever met and have gone through more challenges and heartache than any other mother I’ve ever met."

 Celeste is the mother of four amazingly handsome boys and a beautiful angel baby girl, Elizabeth, who returned home to our Heavenly Father much too soon.
Celeste has been a great example to me (from afar) and all those who come in contact with her of strength and faith.

Not only is Celeste a pillar of strength, she is beautiful, funny, and should see the cute themed lunches she makes for her boys on holidays!
She also makes cute cases for baby can see and purchase them HERE.

Now, on to Celeste and her list...

"My little things:

-My 6year old flashing "I love you" in sign language everyday as his school bus drives away

-feeling my newborn's heart beating when we snuggle at 3am

-My husband winking at me from across a crowded room

-Happy hour at the Sonic drive-in

-Having my sons say please or thank you, without being reminded

-Having a child-like prayer in my heart of "please help me find my keys, i am so late!"...and He does

-Clean sheets

-a pair of new socks

-A picture of me in a finger painted masterpiece to remind me that I was thought of that day

-Hearing my deaf son sing primary songs

These simple things help me conquer daily battles. as i grow older and gain more of an eternal perspective, it's the little things that mean more to me and bring me the greatest joy. I try to look daily for "the little things" that made me smile that day. It truly helps me become more grateful for all I've been given and eliminate the pity that sometimes come with trials and hardships."

I hope you are feeling inspired by the “little things” Celeste found and how her search has changed her daily perspective… 
Keep opening your eyes and searching.
You will feel the difference.

We would LOVE to hear from you...
no matter how long or short your list may be..
we want you to share your treasures with us!!

Send your list to

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DeNiel said...

Celeste is a GREAT lady!

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