Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beads and Satin Necklace

Remember when I posted the Spring Satin Necklace?
Do you remember how I said I was going to try it with beads just like the one I saw at Anthropologie?
Well, my friends...I did.
And it turned out pretty...if I'm allowed to say so.

I actually found a tutorial on Flamingo Toes for the Anthropologie knock-off of this exact necklace.
Her tutorial is fantastic, but I altered it slightly to cut down on time and added different kinds of beads and lots more of them because...well, I guess i just liked it that way.

Now the first one I made was for my Momsie for Mother's Day and it seriously took me WAY TOO LONG to even report my timings to you!
I'm not going to lie...
I was so frustrated with all the time I wasted I almost just gave up and threw it across the room....but I'm happy to report I didn't.

The second one I made turned out to be the same color as the one on Flamingo Toes because I happened to have a beautiful turquoise satin ribbon in my stash.
I kept the all the beads the same just like in FT's tutorial... and I ended up gifting that one to myself. 
(It will take you 45-60 minutes on your second or maybe third try to make this necklace.)

Here's #1

Here's #2

I think I still like #1 better....what do YOU think?

I wanted to tell you how I altered the tutorial to cut down on time...

I purchased beads that were pre-strung on a thin cording and used them as I bought them without re-stringing them on an invisible jewelry stringing cord.
When I placed them on a jump ring, I used super glue to secure them a little better since I KNOW Mr.blue boy will get his hands on this little pretty!

Go check out Flamingo Toes tutorial and add my little alterations to save you some time and effort picking up beads that are thrown across the room...

PLUS if you like Anthropologie knock-off jewelry, She is YOUR GIRL!!


DeNiel said...

I love it!

Mary said...

I love both necklaces - way to go!

Elizabeth J. said...

Oh my gosh...love it!! Possibly my favorite so far!!! You are too cool!!!

wanda said...

I really like the necklaces.I can't believe it.

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