Friday, May 27, 2011

Fresh Vegetable Pasta Alfredo

Do you know what happens in my home this very time of year?
Besides filling dump trucks with sand, making smoothies, and bringing home treasures in our pockets from the pond...

We CRAVE good, light, summer-like food.
We are DONE with soup and DONE with the oven!

So I'm going to share with you a staple in the Wilson household that lasts until the snow begins to fall.
The best part's SO EASY there is no recipe!
I hope you try it out and fall in love like we have.

Grab a box of whole wheat penne pasta...

Browse the produce section of your grocery store and grab every veggie that makes your mouth water...
or in my case, everything that is on sale.

We like LOTS of veggies so I have two carrots, a head of broccoli, lots of green beans and a whole sweet red pepper.

Cut up all your need to keep them separate.
You want all the vitamin goodness mixed all over you plate!

Put your pasta on the stove in salted water to boil (appx. 8-10min.) and simultaneously steam your veggies
(the timing will depend on how many you have and the kind of veggies you use.)
Mine end up being done at approximately the same time.

Then, while you have your veggies and pasta draining, grab the big bowl of juicy watermelon you cut up earlier and put it on the table.
Now, if you are have already found an Alfredo sauce at the store that has the least amount of sodium and sugar and you have it on hand in your pantry for this very meal.

If you are not me .... now, you will ALL fall under this category until you realize the deliciousness of this meal and then YOU will also have Alfredo sauce on hand ... go grab some from the store OR use my friend Kate's yummy recipe for Guiltless Alfredo Sauce.

Warm it up...
and then drizzle...

Now, don't become a drizzling queen or you will rack up the calories oh, so quickly!
Instead, enjoy all that fresh veggie goodness with just a touch of Alfredo flavor.

Add your juicy watermelon...and ENJOY!!!
I hope I just helped you out with your dinner plans for tonight...
or at least sometime this weekend!

Let me know if you make it and are hooked like me...and the rest of my manly clan!


Kristy said...

Looks delicious....what actual brand alfredo sauce do you use? They print that info too small for me to read...I'll just follow your lead.

Mallory said...

Mmmm....that would be so good with guilt free Italian dressing, if you ask me!

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