Thursday, March 3, 2011

thrifty tips #1: do your homework

Well, there’s no place better to start than the beginning…
so let’s start from there.
First things first – we have to know where to go and understand what we can expect when we get there.
Here are the 8 different types of places I go to find my thrifty deals.

(I have included a few of my results from searching in Ohio, Utah, Florida and Colorado because I know I have readers in these areas.)

the thrift store: A shop that sells used articles, especially clothing, as to benefit a charitable organization. i.e. Goodwill, Salvation Army,Thrift Center and Thrift Town (FL), D.I (UT), etc.

the consignment shop: A store that basically borrows items with the provision that payment is expected only on completed sales and that unsold items may be returned to the one consigning. i.e. Snooty Fox, 2nd Chance, Fashion Addiction, Puttin on the Ritz,Encor Décor,
Seet Repeats (FL)

the resale shop: A store that resells something purchased from another. i.e. Plato’s Closet, Once Upon a Child

4. the flea market: a type of bazaar where inexpensive or secondhand goods are sold or bartered. i.e. Adobe, Redwood 6 Drive In Theatre (UT), Springfield Antique Show (OH), Blanding Flea Market (FL), Beach Boulevard Flea Market (FL)

5. the garage sale: A sale of used household belongings, typically held outdoors or in a garage at the home of the seller.

the outlet mall: a large group of shops, usually situated outside of towns or cities, which sell clothes, goods, etc. for a reduced price. i.e. Prime Outlets (OH), Tanger Outlet, Mile High Marketplace (CO), Premium Outlets (FL)

the distribution center outlet (a.k.a. damages/defectives outlet): usually a warehouse type store which sells overstocked or damaged and defective items i.e. items with mislabeled sizes, holes, rips, stains, broken zippers, etc.

the regular retail store ‘end of season’ sales: A sale in which unsold stock of spring, summer, autumn, or winter clothing or goods are sold at the end of each particular season at a reduced price. i.e. Target, Wal-Mart, TJMaxx, Tuesday Morning, etc. also including all of the above. (we will go deeper into that next time.)
You might have more to add to this list,
but this includes the places that I frequent.

Now, your homework for the weekend…open up a word document and give it a “thrifty tips” title. Then head over to google and search for these types of stores in your area. The next step is simple…copy and paste, my friend, copy and paste. Get a whole list of addresses and phone numbers so that you have all the information you need.

I will delve a little deeper into each one of these 8 areas in my next thrifty tips post so I’ll see you back for more!

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