Thursday, March 3, 2011

the home stretch

we made it…it’s been 8 weeks.
it has felt like 4 months.
and we only have 4 more weeks left!2011-02-28 012
2011-02-28 025
so far – we’ve seen a night and day difference in our green boy.
The depressed, angry, and sad little boy was stripped off with the cast and we were given back our happy, helpful boy. His new found confidence is my “little thing” for today! It made the corners of my mouth curl and helped me overlook the talking back and wining! I could be completely content watching him hobble around all day long…what a joy!
see you in a couple hours for our thrifty tips…


DeNiel said...

It is wonderful to see our Andrew back again. I missed him!

Joanna said...

Aunt Jo has one of those too!

Rachel said...

Hooray!! Yeah for everyone! :)

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