Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little things by Gaby…

I’m so excited to have some new blogger friends following squeezing it all in
AND sooo excited to be hearing from them!
So excited in fact that I REALLY wanted to share one of my newest follower’s “little things” list with you today.

Her name is Gaby.

She emailed me her list just the other day and made me blush with the lovely things she had to say…
Thanks, Gaby! You really made my day! 

She also helped me learn something… the definition of a new word.
Arepas: A baked or fried cornmeal cake of traditional Colombian cuisine –
yum! sounds so good!

Okay, so now you learned something new today too!
Enough learning, let me just pass you to her…

“I'm here to share with you my little things of today:
-Being awakened by the sound of “I don't feel like dancing” by Scissors Sisters

My baby girl rooting around for food with her eyes shut…hahaha so funny.

-Getting a peek out my window to enjoy my blooming lilies

-Arepas with tuna and mayonnaise :)

Everyday is a gift”

I love what Gaby said at the end…it’s so true! Each morning try thinking this:
"This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I will.
I can waste it, or use it."

by Author Unknown

How are you going to enjoy and use your gift today?

How are you going to help someone else enjoy their gift?
Keep up your daily search for the “little things” in YOUR life.
Let it change your perspective…
Let it change the way you treat others…
Let it change the way you live!

I can’t wait to hear from more of you…thanks to all those who have sent me a list already… I LOVE them!

Ready to send me YOURS?!?!  talk to me: squeezingitallin@gmail.com


My Creative Intuitions said...

Hi I am one of your new followers! I love your blog and enjoyed reading many many of your past posts!! I agree everyday is a gift! I have learned to appreciate the small things in life, as I think they mean the most! I am glad ot be a follower and look forward to reading more of you insights! =)


Gaby said...

OMG thank you!!!
I'm a morning person and I truly love the begining of a new day. Thanks for posting my little things.

I think I forgot to give you the link to my blog :/ hahaha sorry is http://loveuccs.blogspot.com/

ps. fried arepas are from Colombia. Here in Venezuela we eat it roasted/grilled, baked, sweet or salty, filled with whatever you like. I'll post a DIY soon, I'll let you know ;)

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