Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go on and TRY…

See this guy?
He's the strong and silent type, but he is fearless.
He'll try anything without a second thought...
yes, he's that scary kind of fearless.
But in his short one year of life he has solidified something for me
I've only been able to learn in bits and pieces:
2011-03-12 078
that it...Just put yourself out there and TRY.
If we don't ever try, we won't ever get anywhere or do anything.
Don't be afraid of falling, getting hurt, or failing completely...
just give it a whirl and then take it from there.

I know in my own life I've held myself back from so many things by saying "oh, I can't do that!" or "I'm not strong, smart, skinny or pretty enough" or "I'll never get it".
That negative self-talk is destructive and won't help us achieve any sense of greatness.
The truth is...

”Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

So let’s decide right now…today…to really TRY this week.
Don’t hold yourself back.
Whether it’s getting up earlier, studying harder, loving more completely, exercising more consistently, or learning something new.
Whatever it is… you CAN accomplish it!

You just have to TRY.

I’ve decided where my focus on TRYING will be…have you?

Here are some ideas of things you can decide to really TRY this week:
enter this week’s giveaway

(I know what your thinking: “I never win anything so I’m not going to enter”…I know, I say that too.
Maybe this is your chance to win!?! If not, so what.
At least you TRIED!
something new
search for your “little things” treasures
and send me your list (
Now go decide and I’ll see you tomorrow for a fun and easy tutorial!

I can’t wait!

1 comment:

Kristy said...

Hmmmm....could your focus on trying revolve around quilting?

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