Friday, March 11, 2011

Give your smile...

Take a gander at these faces with me…andrewcropped2
Pretty beautiful …right?
and handsome even when so incredibly sad…
(the adorable Monster Hat was made by one of my amazing sisters who has been working her crochet hooks like a pro!)
These faces were filled with more tears today than smiles…
literally non-stop…
except for our short trip to the thrift store.
Neither one of them could express the reasons for all the sadness and it broke my heart. I’ve been feeling frustrated all day because I can’t seem to make it better and I don’t know what to do.
There is no owie to kiss, no dirt to brush off.
Maybe they just need some sleep, maybe they need their Dad.
Whatever it is, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t fix it.
Not today and well,
I hate that.

What I do know is…I’m glad I have the privilege of calling them mine. Even on hard days like today.

But if you look past the hard things you can see that days like today are days where all the big and less important things disappear and all that’s left is what is most important…tears of someone you love.

No workout routine, no meeting, lesson plan or busy schedule can replace my job today. So my 1st “little thing” for today is this…

forced-smilethe chance I have to give my beautiful miracle boys my love and my smile.

My 2nd “little thing” so far today was the sight of this smiling face beaming a friendly welcome as I opened the pantry door.

2011-03-11 001
Go and find your “little things” today. Hold on to them and cherish them and if you can’t find one…go give someone your smile!

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Next week we have one of my timed and tested tutorials for Monday (perfect for a Mother’s day gift), more “little things” features and more “thrifty tips”. 
See you then…Have a great weekend!

Let’s continue to share and inspire each other!

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DeNiel said...

Good job, Heath!

DeNiel said...

The pictures of Heather's adorable boys were taken at Glutz photography.

Heather said...

We were at Glutz photography, but I took these pictures with my camera.

Kristy said...

Joanna's crocheted hat is so much fun..........It is so are the blue boy and the green boy!!!!

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