Thursday, January 20, 2011


So…we wanted Mr.Broken boy to get back to enjoying some of the ‘zest’ in his life so we rented him a wheelchair. I sent him to Primary and one day of school this week. He started out VERY grumpy in both situations, but I picked up with a smile on his face.

Now people, if you recall, it hasn’t been very long since I encountered the largest wheelchair known to man in one of my many scary trips to the hospital… (yes, the picture in the linked post is most definitely an exaggeration) and well, let me tell you, Andrew’s little beauty is that beast’s polar opposite!

it looks pretty much like this…except we could tag this picture as being ‘enlarged to show texture’.
wheelchair it really looks more like this…’actual size’wheelchair he’s a natural at getting around in that thing and its so nice to see him doing something for himself again.

Here he is in all his glory…
yes, this is what he normally looks like these days
IMG_4952but after (I guess, simultaneously) Daddy doing silly dances in the background – he’s back!!!
IMG_4958 IMG_4959

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