Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's a new day.

Doug left for a business trip yesterday and while I was hugging him goodbye I thought to myself...."I hope everything is alright while he is gone." Then I kissed him goodbye and was left in my mom's warm bed to start my day. I didn't wake up feeling very well, which might subconsciously explain the above thought. I felt nauseated, weak with hot and cold chills and just all around weird. Doug hadn't felt well the night before so I thought maybe I was just getting what he had but as the day progressed I realized that wasn't it at all.

I've said before that I have contractions all day, everyday, but they had stopped being as regular or persistent as of late, until yesterday. At around 11 they were 15 minutes apart non-stop, by 3:00 they were 8 minutes apart and then I called the doctor at 4...they had been non-stop for 5 hours. fun. I have very strict instructions as to when I need to call Dr. G and when I don't so my plan was just to call him and inform him of the situation, but he changed my plan and informed ME that he wanted me at the hospital in 20min with no guarantee that I would be coming back home. great. my favorite place.

So yesterday was our first day in the hospital since surgery. By shear miracle I've been given the most amazing mom on the planet and she jumped up from her seat and got me in the car. I was privileged enough to ride in one of the biggest wheelchairs I've ever seen....seriously people, like room for 3, and soon enough I found myself in a hospital gown with a new bracelet constantly reminding me of my identity.I had to leave my napping boy with my sister, Lindsay, but I new he would be in fantastic hands. My other napping boy, the one in my belly, came with us and mom and I got to hear him dance and kick his heart out while he was being monitored. That boy was so loud we couldn't even hear each other talk! They monitored me as well and did a bunch of tests and exams, all of which are too personal and caused too much pain to mention, but by then my belly had relaxed and was just acting irritated with irregular tightening and contractions....not regular like before.

All in all... it was long, it was was the least amount of fun I've had in a couple months (besides the great alone time I got with my mom while we were there...That was the best part!). OK, I guess there was an even better part...I got to ride that enormous wheelchair AGAIN, back out to the car at 9:30. What a great blessing to be able to come home!!!! I came home really sore and tired, but hey....I got to come home!

So now I'm on prescription muscle relaxers to try and keep my belly from doing anything like that again. It seems on top of the complications I already have, my body just doesn't seem to understand when it's supposed to do what. Why?! I wish I knew.

With the least amount of dirty details I could manage that was how I spent my day yesterday... I'm so grateful for beautiful surroundings, enormous wheelchairs, beds with mattresses thicker than 2 inches and people who love me and this little one so much that they would drop everything and take action to help me when my other half isn't here to do so. thanks. much love.


Nick, Sara, and kids said...

OMG all that and Doug wasn't even here!!! I'd freak out. Do you know stats on your baby? Like how much does he weigh right now? Do you have a name picked out yet?
...Nice wheelchair:)

jodi said...

Is that a picture of the wheelchair you rode in? Really? Wow. Sorry you're having troubles again...

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