Saturday, October 16, 2010


Andrew has started school…okay, let’s be honest…that was a while ago.
But look at that sweet face. He’s never been more excited about anything! IMG_4409IMG_4413Showing off his Lightning McQueen backpack…yes, I caved here. Why? Well, you see, I don’t buy any clothes with characters on it. Good movies with fun characters? Fine. Toys? Fine. Printed plates and cups so the kids can eat and drink happily off their faces? Fine. My boys wearing their faces on their chests? no.

I really don’t even think twice when I see Mickey Mouse or Buzz Light year on another family’s child…I definitely think twice, three times, or more when I see it on an adult…and on my child, well, just not for me. So I caved with the backpack. And he is beyond thrilled!
IMG_4410Happy learning little one…we love you! IMG_4415

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