Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I celebrated today. I celebrated moving. Not moving to a new city…I celebrated the ability I have to move.

I allowed myself to not worry about anything today…not being anywhere by a certain time or looking a certain way, I didn’t worry about accomplishing everything on my long list of ‘to do’s’ or run faster than I am able in any aspect of my life today.

I wanted to take the day to enjoy the new blessing I have to move my body and hold my children. It was a beautiful day! I woke up happy to be able to climb out of bed, feed my boys and start my day. I was thrilled with the reminder that I was going to be given the opportunity to take care of my children and my husband that day…just me. I didn’t need any help!

I gave Andrew a haircut and we enjoyed that time we had together, while Evan napped, with a bowl full of M&M’s as encouragement by our side. We took showers, we sang songs, we played chase. Andrew and I turned up the tunes on the iPod and danced as we swept and mopped the floors, vacuumed the house and stripped the bed linens. We did the laundry together, Evan watched from my lap as I folded clothes and Andrew ran back and forth putting them all away.

We played fetch with Bella, went for a walk, and danced some more. I paid the bills, Andrew stamped them, and we walked together to the mailbox to send them off. We made dinner together and then went for a run. We just moved and moved and moved all day long! It was fantastic! Even Evan enjoyed the constant motion!

We just don’t realize the small triumphs, miracles and blessings until they are taken away. I mean, who really thinks about the miracle it is to be able to roll over, push onto your elbows and sit up on the edge of your bed until you aren’t able or allowed to do so? Do we really count it a blessing to be able to put on our slippers, eat breakfast with our children at the table (not in bed or lying on the couch), and take a shower everyday? Our miracles and blessings don’t have to be big…in fact, when I recognize and count the small ones they are the most prevalent, the most profound.

Life isn’t perfect, but today was pretty close! I am so grateful!


Jack-Jack said...

You are one amazing woman! I love you, your wisdom and your spirit! Mom

Staci said...

Moving: indeed something we learn to not take for granted when forced not to. I celebrate with you, Mama!

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