Monday, March 22, 2010


I’m in love with a good Houndstooth print.
If you look, you could find it just about anywhere…

Express …cute.AAAAAr4Vi-kAAAAAALTNZg

How about Macy’s for a chair? 


Or your nails?… um, not for me.

Konad Houndstooth nails

Or check out for your sweet after dinner treat?
Don’t you think those must taste better because they are chic? no? :)

As lovely as one might  find these items to be or not be…I had my eye on these for a while and just found them for a steal … I think I’ll keep this print to a select few items in my closet for now… 


  And do a rain dance every morning in hopes that I can be the most stylish puddle jumper on the block!


Jack-Jack said...

So, are you moving away from polka dots? What a funny girl! I love you, Mom

Staci said...

the books are my fav. very fun. i feel like the chair i'd get sick of it after a year and have to reupholster. and since i have no idea how to do those kinds of things, it would be a no go.


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