Sunday, January 10, 2010


We had visitors from Colorado for the New Year…Grandma and Grandpa Wilson! Andrew was so thrilled to have them come and meet his little brother… as were we!

We played and were silly together…


Visited the train display…
IMG_1040 IMG_1037Were silly at the train display…
IMG_1042and took naps…well, Evan did most of the sleeping!

It’s clear Evan is going to be in love with his Grandma and Grandpa Wilson too! We always love having them, but it was extra special to have them come and meet our sweet “Thanksgiving baby”.

The cherry on the top of their visit was our first date night since our last movie date in my hospital room (I don’t know how much that actually counts) AND a shopping trip all by myself coming home with some serious deals!

For our date we went to see Avatar. It was NOT on my list of movies to see…EVER, but Doug wanted to so I humored him. Well, I won’t say much but I will say this…I liked it. And if you are reading this thinking the trailers for that movie are dumb and those Avatar people look unreal and painful to watch for 3 hours – I thought that too! But the movie is enjoyable… so go see it. in 3D. Just do it.  oh, and sneak in some food because it’s long…and if you by chance are nursing bring some extra food because well, it’s long.   :)

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Wilson for coming all this way…you are always welcome. We loved having you!

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