Monday, January 25, 2010


I’m not a big fan of saying goodbye and this recent farewell has been particularly difficult for me. It has left me confused.

I thought I would be thrilled to say goodbye to 2009 and I have been, but I’ve also been really devastated too. This last year was a hard one…we all have them. They are full of many degrees of heartache, pain, uncertainty, fear and tears (good riddance!) but they are also full of hope, joy, comfort, love and miracles…I don’t ever want to say goodbye to these.

I think it’s easy to forget to open our eyes and see the blessings and miracles when life is good. We seek for them, hope for them and pray for them when life is hard and when the clouds part even for a split second… we see the blessings and miracles clearly. We see the sunlight clearly.

This year I want to see the sunlight clearly even on the brightest of days. I don’t ever want to forget about the little blessings and miracles. I don’t want to forget about the tiniest of moments that make me smile, make me feel alive or bring more gratitude to my heart.

I felt a lot last year, but I also learned a lot. In 2010 I don’t want to forget what I learned - I want to feel and see the Lord’s blessings and miracles just as clearly as I did last year.

I guess I can say…that is my new years resolution.

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