Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday was Doug's birthday. I won't tell you how old he is but I will tell you....he's getting old. I love to celebrate Doug's birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, Valentine's Day.... I guess I just love any reason I can find to do something special for him. But this time I can't go shopping, cook, decorate, or bake. So how do we celebrate?

I remember years ago when I was on bed rest with Andrew and it was Valentine's Day or Father's Day...something like that. Doug came home and found me lying on the couch with the phone book and the telephone sobbing uncontrollably. I was so devastated that I couldn't do anything for him. In his sweet and gentle way he somehow settled me down. Once I picked myself up out of my slobbery and snotty mess I made him a card. On the card I spelled 'Valentine' wrong. Way to go me. I'm sure I cried some more after that.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Doug's birthday. The nurses in the hospital said they would decorate my bed with balloons and such....but instead, and MUCH better off, we stayed at home. Doug worked his tail off around the house and outside all day. He grilled some super delicious pork chops and corn on the cob and then we enjoyed the Birthday cheesecake that my Mom made for him. Thanks Mom!
Thanks to some secret helpers we do have a couple presents for him, but he hasn't been able to open them yet. He did get a special present though, on the day of his birth....a new baby bunny!
Isn't he cute?!? (the bunny) Doug caught him in our backyard and brought him inside to show me. I was just REALLY glad it wasn't a snake! We let him go and watched him hop off into the woods a very scared but very relieved little bunny.
Over the years I have come to not enjoy my own birthday very much. It's 4 days after the new year starts and everyone is tired from Christmas and New Year, they haven't turned the page on their calendar yet or haven't bought a new calendar and my birthday tends to just get forgotten. This used to make me really sad, but I've realized that it doesn't really matter. Doug put it perfectly..."The best birthday present I could get is to be home with my wife and son." What better way could you celebrate the start of a new year of life than to surround yourself with the people who love you the most?

Today I'm grateful for melt-in-your-mouth marinades and jewel toned clothes that actually fit.

And in a whole other ballpark... I'm grateful for an amazing husband. He is the best teammate I could have ever chosen. Happy Birthday!

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