Tuesday, August 18, 2009


You know that scene in the old movie Twister when they hold onto the metal pipes and the tornado barrels right over them? Their feet fly in the air, debris in their eyes and they are holding on for dear life? That's what yesterday felt like.

I went to the doctors for my appointment and found myself walking very slowly down the hallway, taking deep breaths as I went. I went by myself. I'll admit, I was really scared. My gut told me that something was going to change (I had been feeling a little different lately and Sunday wasn't the best of days) and it made me want to run for dear life in the opposite direction!

The news wasn't good and I could tell as soon as the technician looked at the sonogram screen. She didn't even have to say anything, she said it with her eyes. She told me the measurement and then she said, "I'm going to call the doctor". My doctor was on an airplane to NYC. Great.

I was then immediately wheeled over to the hospital checked and double checked, monitored, heavily medicated, etc. Then my beautiful Mom and amazing husband came to hold my hand through the process. I was told I would have to be transported to another hospital because my body was screaming every sign that we would see this baby in the next 24-48 hours and the NICU at my hospital was not sufficient for our baby's needs at such an early age.

Then came my first ride ever in an ambulance...not really on my 'bucket' list, but you do what you have to do. My driver, Jerry, made sure all the bumps were as smooth as possible. He was great...except for that unexpected stop that sent us all sliding. I kept saying to myself "Andrew would think this was so much fun!" It helped me get through the ride.

Once in the new hospital all the checks and double checks were re-checked, more monitoring, serious meds which make me have full body shakes and put me in the land of flu-filled wonderment. All this and my body just didn't want to cooperate. Then finally, we broke through it all and got my body to calm down on 4 different medications. It was a miracle. My sweet Dad came to the hospital as well and He and Doug gave me a Priesthood blessing just 4-5 hours prior to the breakthrough and I know that was what broke the cycle and got my body and baby to calm down. The Lord is watching over us.

Today is calmer than yesterday. I just had another ultrasound to check everything yet again and my measurements have changed (gotten smaller - which isn't good) already....in just one day. So now what do we do? We wait. I stay here in my hospital bed with tubes hanging from my arms and scoot my attached medication cart with me wherever I go. We get re-evaluated in a week unless something else happens.

I know this post isn't full of giggles and smiles, but this is the truth. It's just what is happening. I keep most of the details and full explanations to myself just because this isn't the right place for it. If you want to ask and know more, call or email me... It's a crazy scary twister over here and all we can do is hold on!

The good news I got today was that our little babe weighs 2 lbs. 7 oz. which is better than expected (1 lb. 15oz.) and he is gorgeous!


Anna said...

Heather!! Love you.

Dan and LaVon said...

We love you too. Always thinking and praying for all of you!!

Syme Family said...

We are praying for you too!

Nick, Sara, and kids said...

Omg no he better stay in there! 2 more weeks at least!

Lindsay said...

I love you, Heathie! You are doing a great job. Just keep hanging on. You can do it!!!!

Kelly said...

Hi Heather! I can't remember if I've commented on your blog before to let you know that I read it.... but if I haven't said anything, I love reading your blog! You're in my thoughts and prayers and I want you to know I think you are being extremely positive! My little boy was born at 2 lbs 5 oz and let me tell you, the NICU teams are Amazing! Good luck! You are really great!!
Kelly (Gorden) Tompkins

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