Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have been neglecting this little space of mine...I know, but My time and thoughts have been elsewhere. My sweet brother in law had to have emergency open heart surgery and our family and his have pulled together to love, support, and serve in every way we can. My heart aches and my stomach churns non stop for the trauma my sister has had to endure...I wish so deeply that I could take it away. And this brother in law is not just an in law....he is a brother. The 3 brothers in law I'm blessed to have, have all stolen the little part of my heart where a blood brother of my own never claimed. It is heart wrenching to see his struggle like this, but I'm so grateful he continues to fight. Fight to return to my sister, fight to return to my nephews, fight to return to all of us. We have been so greatly blessed to witness miracle after miracle to save his precious life. He is still in the ICU taking baby steps toward recovery. I'm layingin his dark room right now listening to him grateful for his breath.

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Anonymous said...

Our prayers continue to be with him and his wife and your entire family..
God Bless..


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