Wednesday, December 21, 2011

snow....or no snow.

It was 60 degrees outside today.
The last time I enjoyed Christmas with NO SNOW was when I was a little girl living in California. 
This holiday with no snow is throwing me off my Christmas game.....if there is such a thing.

But I pulled myself together today and (in my rain boots) bought everything I need to fill this house with the smells of Christmas.
So now, I will be in the world of baking - gingerbread, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies for Santa, oh....and don't forget the cinnamon can't have Christmas morning without cinnamon rolls! 
Well, at least in my house.

Snow or no snow....this is going to be a great Christmas!

Mr. Wilson and I took our little men out and about tonight delivering little Christmas surprises.
It is so much fun to see the surprise and joy you can bring to someone (stranger or friend) just by letting them know you are thinking of them this holiday season.

My green boy put it perfectly when on our way home, he exclaimed...
"We just made their night! Boy, that was so much fun!"

We came home empty handed, with our hearts completely full.

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