Monday, October 3, 2011

on my mind...

Welcome to the first week of OCTOBER....can you believe it's OCTOBER?!?! WOW.

 I had a great weekend....I hope you did too!
I played with my smart and handsome men, had fun on a double date with new friends, and ate dinner at one of my favorite little spots in this city. 
Most importantly, I had an uplifting weekend filled with inspiring words from leaders of my church.

I was taught and reminded of many things, but what is on my mind today is to "be more compassionate and patient with myself" and to always remember that "[I am] not forgotten wherever [I am], whatever the circumstances maybe, no matter how dark [my] days may seem or how insignificant [I] may feel, no matter how overshadowed [I] think [I] may be at times, [my] Heavenly Father has not forgotten [me]. He loves [me and] you with an infinite love."

You are not forgotten.
Let's have a really great week!

1 comment:

mimihalley said...

Thanks for the play date! Jill had fun with you, Evan, Evan's toys, and Evan's doggie. :) I loved Evan's gorilla sound.

And what a wonderful weekend it was. Thanks for sharing that quote.

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