Thursday, October 27, 2011

"little things" by Jessica

I've been in a funk since returning from my weekend away so I was extremely excited to share with you a list of "little things" I found in my inbox when I got home.
The cute and funny Jessica sent this our way....enjoy!

1- Eating donuts while grocery shopping. The best part of shopping trips.
2- Getting the dog to eat her pills! Hurray hotdogs!
3- Smiley faces covered with smiley face stickers.
4- Swaps! Sending, receiving, crafting for, even waiting for partners. I love swapping! and The first is more long term swaps, lots of conversations and planning, the second is more for my needs of instant gratification.
5- Having time to read a magazine article.
6- Sleeping until 8. The kids sleeping until 8 too!
7- Potty training! I know, it's not really fun, but only having to throw away 1 diaper/day is great!
8- The seeds we got from the Museum's block party making it home in their containers and actually growing.
9- My 4 year old being even more excited about said plants [#8] than me.
10- Kids who want to kiss every square inch of my face!

Go treasure your happy moments today...
I hope to hear from you.

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