Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"little things" on Tuesday

There have been a lot of wining and tears in my house since Thursday.
Here's why ...
My sweet Popsicle turned 60 years old in January and for his present asked to steal my husband and my 3 other sister's husbands for a week long fishing trip to Alaska...all at the same time.

So while Mr. Wilson and my brothers-in-law are gone, I get to spend time with my sisters, my Momsi and all my 10 nieces and nephews! No worries boys, we're having a great time! We're only missing you a little. :)

Since Mr. Wilson has been swept away I have found lots of "little things" to keep me going strong. I wanted to share a couple with you today.
(if you are a new follower ... click the link to get a full rundown on squeezing it all in's "little things")

1. Turning down my bed linens and throwing my tired body into my comfy bed only to bang my head on a toy fire truck and police car that had been tucked under my pillow. I'm so in love with those little men...the incident made me smile and laugh out loud!

2. Walking on a dirty kitchen floor barefoot sure can drive me crazy, but today it represented playing in the sandbox with my boys and watching all the cousins in their swimsuits slip sliding away on a hot afternoon...

3. Having the tape fall easily off my knee instead of the torture my Physical Therapist warned me would ensue
4. Two days after being attacked by a frightening fiery explosion from the grill and feeling as if my whole right hand was burned ... realizing that only 3 fingers were damaged after the burn finally calmed down.
And luckily I still have all my hair ... and eyebrows!
5. Being able to squeeze in enough time to sweep and mop my aforementioned kitchen floor.
Then, getting to walk on it barefoot ... "ahhh".

6. Being a single parent while Mr. Wilson is gone is really hard
(much love to all you full-time single parents)
but seeing pictures of Mr.Wilson beaming with joy and relaxation make it all worth it!

(Mr. Dan the Man and Mr. Wilson with ...yes, that is live shrimp hanging from their teeth)

I would LOVE to share YOUR "little things" on squeezing it all in!
What is making you flash your pearly whites today?
let us know...

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I loved reading your "little things" today, they were SO great!! And of course I loved the picture of my hubby and yours :)

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